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ADVEN, LLC - Advanced Energy Strategies - NABCEP approved NABCEP Photovoltaic (PV) Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge Solar Installer Training

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Solar Installer Training - 2013 Schedule

New Orleans - Solar Electric Systems Training Course - August 2013

NABCEP JTA Based Solar Training Courses are accepted by NABCEP for the 40hrs of advanced solar PV installer training.                   Solar Training classes are IREC Accredited for continuing solar training education courses.

Solar PV Installer Training Course - August 2013

This Solar PV Installer course is taught by Eddie Haynes, a NABCEP Certified PV Installer, Senior Solar Design Engineer, and Nationally Accredited Solar Instructor .

The course material will cover the NABCEP Job Task Analysis subject matter. The course includes 40 hours of professional instruction and hands-on training that includes the installation of a residential PV system. This course is presented from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. each day and there will be at least 8 hrs of home study required.

$1395.00 is the cost for the NABCEP JTA based, five day, solar PV installation training course. Students will be required to purchase one book online, many other digital learning resources will be included as a part of this class.

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Solar Electric Training and PV Installer Courses are taught by ADVEN Solar Training. Our Solar PV Training Classes are nationally accredited and accepted by IREC and NABCEP.
This Solar PV Installer Training course is administered and managed for LA CleanTech by ADVEN, LLC.

NOTE: Those who complete this class will receive a completion certificate that will meet one of the qualifications to receive the Louisiana Solar Equipment Installer license.

LA CleanTech and ADVEN, LLC partner for Solar Training classes.

ADVEN, LLC, LA CleanTech's original training provider since June 2008, is a national recognized and acclaimed Solar Training and CleanTech consulting company founded and based in New Orleans, LA.

Through their industry-leading Advanced Energy Service model ADVEN offers a full range of client support services for the Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Clean Energy industries. ADVEN offers solar PV installer training and solar system engineering and solar system design consulting, proposal support, sales and marketing programs, technology solutions, project due diligence, solar system commissioning, custom training programs, project consulting and many other solar energy and cleantech industry services.

Eddie Haynes, ,NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional, and ISPQ Master Trainer, worked with Stephen Shelton, Executive Director, LA CleanTech and CEO of ADVEN to assist in the design and implementation of our Solar Training Program. Eddie is the Senior Solar Installer, Engineer, Consultant, and Solar Instructor for ADVEN, LLC.

ADVEN's highly successful five year old Solar Installer Training program has received much national attention and acclaim. LA CleanTech and ADVEN's Solar Training Program partnered on an award from the US Department of Energy, Solar Energy Technologies program, in partnership with Houston Community College (HCC) in 2009.

Announced on October 8, 2009, the program is still active today as part of the US DOE SunShot Initiative. ADVEN's Solar Traning Program and LA CLeanTech were chosen as a Regional Resource and Solar Training Providers for the South Central Region as members of the The Solar Installer Instructor Training Network team. The regional resource and training providers offer train-the-trainer workshops and are jointly responsible for developing curricula, career pathways, and regional labor market studies.

The United States has some of the best solar resources in the world, resources that are more than double that of Germany, the current world leader in solar. With the right policies, solar can play a significant role in creating jobs, growing local economies and cutting energy costs for consumers and businesses.
Rhone Resch, Solar Energy Industres Association
President and CEO

Why is CleanTech important for Louisiana ?

Many states and countries are aggressively pursuing CleanTech investors and entrepreneurs through a variety of programs that Louisiana could emulate.....Technology research and development should be at the heart of Louisiana's efforts to establish a CleanTech cluster. .....read more

Why is CleanTech good for the Environment ?

All CleanTech industry sectors share a common thread: They use new, innovative technology to create products and services that compete favorably on price and performance, while reducing mankind's impact on the environment. .....read more

What is the Growth Potential for CleanTech ?

Venture capital interest in CleanTech has surged....the costs of environmentally sensitive technologies are lower..(and) ..worldwide efforts to address environmental problems..are on the rise. This confluence of forces - the simultaneous maturity of both environmental technology and impetus - makes CleanTech a promising sector for future growth. .....read more

What is CleanTech ?

CleanTech was founded as a viable investment category in 2002 and since has experienced an annual growth rate in excess of 50%. CleanTech is driven by market economics therefore offering greater financial upside and sustainability. The concept of CleanTech embraces a diverse range of products, services, and processes across eleven industry segments that are inherently designed to :

Provide superior performance at lower costs
Greatly reduce or eliminate negative ecological impact
Improve the productive and responsible use of natural resources .....read more

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Solar Training Courses prepare you for a career in Solar Energy. Start your solar career with ISPQ Accredited, NABCEP based solar training courses. Each solar training class will include a combination of lectures, hands on solar training as well as on-the-job solar panel installation training and 2 hours of home study each night for four nights during the five day class. START YOUR SOLAR CAREER


America's Energy Policy
To really tackle climate change, the United States must revolutionize its entire energy strategy...read more

What is Clean Technology ?
Clean technologies hold the greatest promise of addressing the planet's challenges, while generating superior returns and job creation..... Cleantech Group...read more

LA CleanTech Launches "Green-Jobs" Training Program
Professional Level Green-Job Training Courses are now being offered by LA CleanTech

IREC - Featured Interview
Solar America City New Orleans: Building a Green Workforce in the Crescent City...read more

Green Jobs
Workforce Development

Global Green Holy Cross Project partners with South Coast Solar and LA CleanTech to continue workforce development program for Solar Installers during installation of 5kW solar electric system in the ninth ward...read more .

New Orleans is named as a DOE Solar American City. LA CleanTech spearheads the effort to build the New Orleans Solar City team with The City of New Orleans, FutureProof, Green Coast Enterprises, Alliance for Affordable Energy, and Global Green....................read more

La Clean Tech is offering Solar Energy Installation training classes around the state, and is working with the Louisiana Community and Technical College System to assist the LTC in starting a state wide Continuing Education Solar Training program....read more

LA Senator Nick Gautreaux was presented with an award for his dedication to passing the Louisiana Tax Credit. La Clean Tech Network credits Mr. Gautreaux with being the "Father of the Solar Industry" in Louisiana...read more

Southern Building Institute is formed by La CleanTech along with Louisiana based building professionals and teams up with Texas A&M to apply for DOE Build America grant.

Global Green Holy Cross Project partners with La CleanTech to begin workforce development program for Solar Installers during installation of 5kW solar electric system in the ninth ward...read more .

Louisiana Economic Development office and La CleanTech are working towards getting Solar PV manufacturere to locate a 175MW a year manufacturing plant in New Orleans to produce state of the art solar systems.

Louisiana CleanTech Network is a Louisiana non-profit corporation.
We are currently applying for 501(c)3 status.

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